Ollie Cuthbertson Illustration


Ollie Cuthbertson has worked with some of the biggest names in publishing and entertainment like HBO, Oxford University Press and Pearson, with titles ranging from well-known Fantasy legends like Conan the Barbarian (OUP) to Shakespearian tragedy King Lear (Pearson). His work is predominantly Fantasy, Horror and Historical but he has been known to dabble in Normal Every Day Stuff from time to time.

He was born in Amman, Jordan – not to be confused with Being Born in a Man – and spent some of his childhood in Italy. He studied Traditional Animation at Ravensbourne and, after discovering just how difficult that gig would be, decided to pursue a career in Illustration (turns out this is just as difficult, but certainly less laborious!). Along the way he made a living making adverts for 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros and HBO at award winning digital agency Substance – and had a blast doing it.

When he isn’t working on some painting or other (an event seen only on birthdays and when the heavens align), he likes to play guitar, watch old films and read fantasy novels.

He lives in Royal Tunbridge Wells with his animal friends.